The contribution of Poles to the world’s technical and scientific heritage

Wystawy stałe

In the past lies the key to the future – this is the most important message, building our national pride and identity, of the main exhibition of the National Museum of Technology entitled “The contribution of Poles to the world’s technical and scientific heritage”.

After an initial presentation, in a chronological order – from prehistoric times, through the Middle Ages and the Enlightenment, to the latest times – the long history of technology development, it shows in detail the most important engineering and scientific achievements of Poles between the 17th and 20th centuries.

The main collection is complemented by an exhibition devoted to the language of technology, without which a dialogue between generations of engineers and various fields of technology would be impossible, and which consists of mathematics, the evolution of tool construction, the development of technical drawing and the versatility of metrology.

The exhibition, covering almost 1.1 thousand square meters, has been built in a rich, narrative scenery that organizes the presented issues, stimulates the imagination and takes visitors into the world of technology that speaks in a clear, understandable language of knowledge and positive emotions.

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